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Coach Mike Sholars is a long time pro coach and former pro player in Europe, With a strong commitment towards sharing his "True Unity=True Empowerment" coaching philosophy and way of playing. 


Nothing's more important than helping your team or organization achieve optimal results. So why aren't you? Probably because you're just now checking this website out. Take advantage of coach Sholars mobility while me is still in Europe, and pretty soon everyone will be checking you out.

Mike Sholars

Get what you need from those who know how to provide it. You have organizational goals, and if you have the facilities and the people, coach Sholars has a proven history of success in making your goals a reality. As a full-time coach whom has experience in several countries throughout North America, Europe and Africa coach Mike Sholars offers a unique coaching perspective rarely seen..Too good to be true? Visit the Contact page and let us arrange a meeting. 

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