*NFL TUSAAF Coaching education Coach  Rick  Courtright (formerly) Arizona Cardinals

* NFL TUSAAF Coaching education Coach John Levra (retired)  Buffalo Bills 

* NCAA Div.I Coach John Shannon Former OC at Teledo and  Texas Southern University

* Coached as National League Head Coach AFV-SH- Germany 

* Coached as National League Head Coach AFV-RPS -      Germany 

* Coached as National League Head Coach SAFF- Sweden 

* Coached as National league Head Coach DAFF - Denmark 

* Coached as National League Head Coach NoAFF - Norway 

* Taught the Fundamentals Of American    Football at Fyns Sports College (in Denmark) 

* Taught the Fundamentals of American Football at Cairo MSA  University (Egypt)

Career Highlights and Awards 

* National Championship (5 times) 

* Perfect Seasons (4 times) 

* Undefeated Regular Season (4 times)  

​* ENFL Coach Of The Year 2016

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Michael Ray Sholars, commonly known as "Mike", is a Head coach of American football . Born  May 12, in Shreveport,Louisiana,, USA. Sholars has won 5 national championships. in Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden, hence the given nickname The Golddigger. His latest accomplishment is being named ENFL Coach of The Year 2016. Sholars has also achieved a perfect season in every country he has coached.


Mike Sholars grew up in White Settlement, Texas. His father was a mechanic and his mother was a nurses aid. He attended Brewer High School (Fort Worth, Texas). At Brewer Sholars was a Team Captain and four-year Letterman in both American football and track and field, In football, Sholars help led the Brewer Bears American Football team into the play-offs while playing running back as well as returning kick-offs and punts. In track and field  Sholars was a top sprinter in Dallas/Fort Worth from grade 7-12. Michael Ray Sholars was also a champion sprinter and football player while attending Missouri Valley College.


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  • May, 12

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Mike Sholars coaching in Czech Republic 2017

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