Career Highlights and Awards:

* National Championship (5 times) 

* Perfect Seasons (4 times) 

* Undefeated Regular Season (4 times)  

* ENFL Coach Of The Year 2016

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Mike Sholars,  is a multiple championship winning  Head coach of American football. Born  May 12, in Shreveport,Louisiana,, USA. 

Sholars has won 5 national championships through-out Europe, hence the given nickname The Gold-digger. His latest accomplishment is being named ENFL Coach of The Year 2016, a Silver medal in the Czech Republic in 2017, and a Silver medal in Switzerland in 2019, the later 2 medals being in League 3. Sholars has also achieved a perfect season in every country he has coached.


Mike Sholars grew up in White Settlement, Texas. His father was a mechanic and his mother was a nurses aid. He attended Brewer High School (Fort Worth, Texas). At Brewer Sholars was a Team Captain and four-year Letterman in both American football and track and field, In football, Sholars help led the Brewer Bears American Football team into the play-offs while playing running back as well as returning kick-offs and punts. In track and field  Sholars was a top sprinter in Dallas/Fort Worth from grade 7-12. Mike Sholars was also a champion sprinter and football player while attending Missouri Valley College.

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American  Football   Coach

Personal Information

Date of Birth:
May, 12

Place of Birth:
 Shreveport, Louisiana,  USA 

High School:  C.F. Brewer High School (Fort Worth, Texas) 

College: Missouri Valley College (Marshall, Missouri)

European Career High-Lights

As a COACH:​ 

Blades Ústí 2020-present, (Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic) Asst. Head Coach

Schaffhausen Sharks 2019, (Scahaffhausen, Switzerland) Head Coach

* Silver Medal League C 

Wataha 2019 (Zielona Gora, Poland) Head Coach

Northumberland Vikings 2018  (Newcastle, United Kingdom) Head Coach 

* ​Undefeated Ranke #3 in the country, the highest ranking in team history 

Teplice Nordians 2017-18 (Teplice, Czech Republic) Head Coach 

Silver medalist / Iron Bowl participant -2017

MSA University 2015-16 (6th of October, Egypt, Africa) Head Coach ​

* National Championship semi-finalist

Trier Stampers (Trier, Germany) Head Coach 

* Undefeated Team - Perfect Season 

Copenhagen Towers, (Gentofte, Denmark) Assistant coach 

* Undefeated Div. I National Champion

Kolbotn Kodiaks,  (Oppegård, Norway) Head coach 

*  Undefeated team Champion

Asker Lynx,  (Bærum Norway) Head coach 

* National Championship semi-finalist


Uppsala 86ers / Gallants , (Uppsala, Sweden) 
* Undefeated Champions with Uppsala   Gallants

Asker Lynx,  (Bærum Norway)  

 *National Championship semi-finalist 

Kolbotn Kodiaks,  (Oppegård, Norway)
* Undefeated team Champion

 Copenhagen Towers, (Gentofte, Denmark) 

* Undefeated Div. I National Champion